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3 Signs That Indicate You Need

Washing Machine Repair

Most homeowners aren’t well-versed with the technical aspects of their appliances. So if a laundry-related appliance you own begins malfunctioning, you won’t be able to tell whether you need washing machine repair until it completely breaks down! This is when you’ll start looking for an “appliance repair near me” in Durham, NC.


We, at D & H Appliance Service INC, offer all kinds of appliance repair services. However, to help you save excessive expenditure on full-fledged repairs, we suggest you keep an eye on the signs and symptoms that indicate your washing machine needs an inspection or maintenance.

3 Signs You Need Washing Machine Repairs

Excessive Leaks

Is water leaking from your washing machine? Then there’s a huge chance that the pipeline connected to the drainage system is either loose or broken. While you can easily tighten the loose drainpipe, you need to reach out to an appliance repair shop in Durham, NC, to have the pipe replaced.

Loud Noises

A lot of times, loud noises are audible from the washing machine simply because too many clothes were shoved into it. That doesn’t mean that there could be a bigger problem. In fact, it is always ideal to get in touch with a professional repair service like D & H Appliance Service INC because there could be a deeper, graver problem such as a loose motor drum. This can only be repaired by the professional.

Water Doesn’t Fill in the Drum

If the water doesn’t fill in your machine’s drum, then there’s a huge chance that there is a problem in the filter or valve. This kind of problem can only be fixed by professionals!

Are you looking for an “appliance repair near me” in Durham, NC? Then reach out to the pros at D & H Appliance Service INC and let us fix your laundry-machine!

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