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Oven Repair

& Ice Maker Repair

3 Signs You Need Oven Repairs in Durham, NC

Do you have guests coming over for a big feast on the weekend?

Or are you planning a romantic dinner at home with your significant other?

While you may be a master chef yourself, if your oven is out of order, your entire plan will be ruined! But how can you tell that you need oven repairs or ice maker repairs in your home? If you’re not sure, take a look at some of the signs and symptoms mentioned below that indicate the need for oven repairs!

Electrical Issues

You never know when you might face an electrical issue. If your oven is not turning on, then it is probably facing such an issue. This can ruin not just your big feast, but also your ability to enjoy a warm and delicious meal alone. So to have this problem fixed, get in touch with D & H Appliance Service INC.

Heating Problems

Your oven has one job—warming up your food or beverage! If the oven in your house stops heating the items you place inside, then there is definitely a problem in its burner. You should particularly have this problem inspected if the thermostat temperature has been fixed properly. In such situations, you should immediately get in touch with professionals to avoid further problems.

Gas Leaks

Do you have a modern gas oven? Does it smell like rotten eggs? Then it’s a red alert! Modern gas ovens are designed in a way that the smell of gas is unnoticeable. So if you do sense a weird smell, there is probably damage in the gas pipe or the furnace inside. In such a situation, you need to immediately get in touch with a professional before the damage is beyond repair.

Whether you’re looking for ice maker repair or oven repair in Durham, NC, get in touch with our expert technicians at D & H Appliance Service INC to have your appliances fixed!

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