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Stove Repair

& Electric Oven Repair

2 Signs That Indicate You Need Stove Repairs in Your Home

No matter how much you rely on takeout food, you still need the stove in your home to function properly, even if it is for boiling pasta!


Whether you own an electrical oven or a gas-operated one, a stove is a stove because it does what you need it to do—cook your food. But what happens when the stove in your home stops working? Or worse, starts malfunctioning?


Our pros at D & H Appliance Service INC reveal some of the top reasons why stove repairs become a necessity in your household. So if you’re unsure about whether your stove needs repairs or not, take a look below!

Faulty Burner

If the burner on your stove stops working, then you need to invest in stove repairs. This could happen for a number of reasons and in a number of different ways. For instance, if you own an electric stove, then the wires might have worn out or the battery may be dead. In this case, you definitely need electrical oven repairs.


On the contrary, if you own a gas operated stove and the burner stops working, then there could be a problem in the gas furnace that only the professionals at D & H Appliance Service INC can fix!

Weird Smell

Another easy way to detect the need for stove repairs is to keep all your senses alert, particularly your olfactory senses. In case you sense some weird smell that is pungent or smells like rotten eggs, then there is a huge possibility that there is a gas leak in your stove. This kind of situation needs immediate attention from the professionals as it could lead to fatal injuries.


Are you looking for a professional service for gas or electrical oven repairs in Durham, NC? Then reach out to D & H Appliance Service INC!

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